Honoring Their Light

Honoring Our Survivors

Light of Our Survivors honors Holocaust survivors, their descendants, and the 6 Million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust.  An initiative of 6 Million Lights, its innovative light-making workshops foster conversation and community, as we gather together Holocaust Survivors, their descendants, and a diverse mix from the interfaith community.  We share stories, memories, and wisdom while creating beautiful illuminated paper lamps that serve as luminous reminders of each maker’s intention to share light with the world. 

Raye David (Survivor of Auschwitz)

The mere presence and participation of Survivors strongly impacts workshop participants. 

As one participant shared, “Making lights alongside Survivors was a once in a lifetime experience for me.” 


My lamp brings me joy and touches my heart with nostalgia, remembrance, and hope. I cannot wait for my Granddaughter to see it.



Anonymous, Holocaust survivor

Whither The Future

The number of Holocaust Survivors is dropping rapidly. Where do we go from here?