The World Needs Our Light

Transformation? Or…

“Oh, my!” a participant exclaimed, as tears streamed down her cheeks. She had just wrapped a piece of paper around a lighted cylinder and noted its miraculous transformation. “I too want to be transformed by the light within me,” she said softly.

…Inflection Point

Indeed, 6 Million Lights workshops can be transformative. But, if it’s simply a positive inflection point in each participant’s life, that’s also great! Never underestimate the power of multiple positive inflection points, because that’s how societies transform for the better.

Why Lamps?

Making a lamp mirrors the first divine words in the Bible: “Let there be light!” Light is a powerful symbol in many cultures — especially in Judaism — and each beautiful handmade paper lamp serves as a unique expression of each creator’s intention to bring more light to the world.

It’s All About Light

We encourage our participants to define light for themselves by considering the following questions: What is your light? How can you nurture and share it with the world? What does it mean to put light into the world?

The Lamp-making Process

Lamp-making – with its components of art, craft, and creativity – can help free us from old patterns of thinking, sparking paradigm-shifts and inspiration. Our lamp-making process, with its emphasis on teamwork, helps participants connect in an informal setting, fostering community and conversations.

But It’s Not Just About Lamp-Making!

About half of the workshop time is for sharing of stories and wisdom, for conversations, and for reflection. 

In between sessions, participants desiring a deeper dive can explore supplemental materials.

The Lamp

The lamps our participants make are designed to be beautiful whether lit or unlit. Unlit, the combination of handmade paper with natural materials provides a sculptural beauty. Lit, there is an instant and magical transformation.

But It’s Not Just About the Lamp!

Yes, the finished lamps are beautiful. But it’s not simply about lamp-making. It’s about meaning-making, intention-making, and light-making. Yet, the lamp is the magical vehicle that allows our workshop participants to “bring the workshop” home with them, each lamp a glowing reminder of the intention and meaning each maker brings to their lamp-making.