Sarina M

Light #28

“I love my light!”

Age: 3
From: Milwaukee WI
Classification: Other Light-Maker

In the Jewish Passover seder, there is the story of four children, one of whom is “too young to even ask about the Passover story”. Sarina, at age 3, asks a lot of questions, but they’re not very sophisticated and we’re glad she’s not ready to ask questions about weighty matter such as why there is darkness in the world. Sarina simply enjoyed making a lamp. Making her lamp. “I did it all by myself,” she said proudly, ignoring the fact that at a couple of tricky points, she did get a little help. Then again, she was mostly correct: this was definitely her lamp and she clearly demonstrated the pride of an ‘owner’: “I love my light!” Her picture speaks for her.

Someday Sarina will learn about the deeper symbolism of her lamp. Someday she will learn the story behind 6 Million Lights. For now, it’s enough that she is proud of her “light” and proud of her lamplight.