Amy Floan

Light #9

Light behind the cloud…

Name: Amy Floan
Light #: 9
Classification: Other Light-Maker

Dedication: 1) The 6 Million 2) My children: Oscar, Kajsa

Amy Floan has always looked for the silver lining in all situations, striving to focus on the light behind the cloud rather than on the cloud. She works full time at a Lutheran church (ELCA) as Director of Faith Formation, helping to oversee service and learning for all ages. In this capacity, Amy works to help people recognize and strengthen their connections to each other.

The 6 Million Lights workshop allowed Amy to connect with new people in a different and profound way and provided an opportunity for her to reflect on how her light shines in daily life. Based on her experience, Amy hopes to continue to shine her light into the darkness and to help others find the best way to nurture their own lights. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”