Ben Callif

Light #67

From: Milwaukee WI
Dedication: To Saba and Savta
Classification: Other Light-Maker

I see my light as prismatic–a process of transferring colors to colorless and colorless to colors; the balance and transformation point between unity and division. I dedicated my lamp to my maternal grandparents, Saba and Savta. In many ways the two of them represented the equal and opposite ends of the prismatic spectrum that I strive to interface. In their memory, I hope I can spread the light that the world needs in this moment.

It was highly impactful to hear the stories of the survivors and their family. Their struggle and survival is a powerful reminder of the importance of bringing light into this world; it is the only way to chase away the darkness that will constantly encroach on all of life. And we must do it together. It was an honor to create light with these survivors.