David Moss

Light #12

“We drop a pebble in the ocean, never knowing upon which far shore waves will crash.”

Dedication: To the 6 Million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and to the 5 Million other victims. To all the loved ones who’ve graced my journey in life. And finally, to the amazing, inspiring participants in 6 Million Lights.
Classification: Other Light-Maker

When my older sister took a lamp making course in 1999 and then taught me some basics, I couldn’t have foreseen where it would lead. I was entranced by how a mere sheet of paper could be magically transformed by a simple light bulb. I still delight in every fresh lamp creation no matter who the creator.

As a physician I soon appreciated how lamps and their soft light could bring inspiration and comfort to those facing challenges in their lives and so I began to give them away. After several years I began teaching others how to make lamps. I soon realized that lampmaking itself as well as the processes surrounding the lamp making could be transformative.

And so I founded the Illumignossi Project, a 501(c)(3) in 2016 and I co-founded the nonprofit OrLanu (Hebrew: Our Light) in 2018. 6 Million Lights was inspired by some of the Holocaust Survivors and descendants who participated in various light-making workshops throught The Illumignossi Project.

I really think “light” and these projects found me and not the other way around. It’s an honor to work with the inspired light-makers who participate in our workshops.

Not that it’s all light. In 6 Million Lights, especially in our Light of Our Survivors initiative, there is also darkness. One cannot mention the Holocaust without acknowledging its devastating darkness. And yet the only way to deny darkness its victory is by re-dedicating ourselves to sharing light with the world.

In making my own lamp for 6 Million Lights, I had so many possibilities to choose from – I’ve been making a wide variety of lamps over the years, from simple zen lamps to complex illuminated sculptures. Eventually, I chose a simple creation – a beautiful hand-made floral paper fashioned into a lens-shape – because I simply wanted to be
reminded of light, beauty and goodness every time I gaze at its soft light. Fighting darkness is a never-ending, challenging battle and we all could use a little light for the long journey we’re on.