Cynthia Musickant

Light #62

Location: Mequon, WI
Classification: Other Light-Maker

I dedicate my lamp to Edith Eva Eger. Her book, The Choice, was a light for me at a very dark time. She shares her experience as a teenager in a concentration camp and how she moves past the trauma to create a fulfilling life for herself as well as those around her. Simply put, I was left with the feeling that if she can move past such extreme trauma, I certainly can move on from my current challenges. Edith Eva Eger is the definition of light.

My lamp will be placed in what is now a guest bedroom. It is formally one of my son’s bedrooms. The lamp not only represents the light of Edith Eva Eger, but also of my son, Eliah, who is sure to embrace all with whom he comes into contact.

I try to live my life as Hillel states, to treat others as you wish to be treated. I strive to bring warmth and acceptance to all and welcome everyone into my home. In placing the lamp in this particular bedroom, I trust this lamp will radiate my intention for all who occupy the space.

Dedication: Edith Eva Eger – author of The Choice