Shere-Ling Kraus-Yao

Light #69

G_D’s Word is my light

Location: 53211
Classification: Other Light-Maker
Dedication: Rafael Schächter

I believe each one of us is either a light to one or many and also received light from one or many fellow human beings. One is made out of the image of the Divine, therefore how one lights the world (one human or many) has to do with how one reflects the ultimate Light from within. To me one source of that Light is the Word of Divine for it is written in Psalm 119:105 (JPS Tanakh 1917) “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

I put light into the world by serving those who are in need, may it be God’s Word, a helping hand or a cup of water. What I have learned in life is that the closer I am near and follow the Light, more more shining my light is.

This workshop reinforces my comprehension of the uniqueness of each human being and how each one shines his/her light in a very unique way. This workshop also helps me to want to meditate on G_D’s Word more diligently.

Dedication: I dedicate my lamp to the Holocaust victim Rafael Schächter. Based on Wikipedia he was born in May 1905 and died on the death march during the evacuation of Auschwitz in 1945. He was a Czechoslovak composer, pianist and conductor of Jewish origin, organizer of cultural life in Terezín concentration camp. Schächter conducted about sixteen performances of Verdi’s Requiem, by teaching the choir their parts by rote. The very first performance occurred at around January 1942, with a chorus of 150. My way of honoring the Six Million is to remember Rafael Schächter‘s story and draw courage from it.