Light #13

“This lamp is special. It brings happiness into the world.”

From: Milwaukee WI
Dedication: NA
Classification: Other Light-Maker

In the Jewish Passover seder, there is the story of four children, one of whom is “too simple to grasp the essence of the Passover story”. Maya, at age 5, is definitely not simple, but like the child in the Passover story ‘who is too young to know’, she is not yet old enough to grasp the story and meaning of the Holocaust. Nor would we want to ruin her beatific innocence with such a dark chapter in history.

However, Maya is old enough to not only understand the meaning of sharing light with the world, but she can also explain it articulately to others. Click here to view the video

Someday she will learn the story of the 6 Million. For now, it’s enough that she is conscious about which of her actions create light and which create dark.