6 Million Lights is a project that honors the 6 Million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust by putting light into the world. Through innovative light-making workshops that foster conversation and community and in diverse initiatives spanning the life cycle, each participant creates a beautiful illuminated paper lamp that serves as a luminous reminder of its maker’s intention to put light into the world.

Lighting the Jewish Journey

Honoring & sharing our Light

Dispelling Darkness with Light

OrLanu's Story

In 2016, David Moss, MD, founded The Illumignossi Project, a 501(c)(3) which uses innovative lamp-making workshops as a vehicle for illuminating life’s journey and putting light into the world, while Rabbi Moishe Steigmann launched The Spark Wisconsin, which helps Jews activate their Jewish energy.

In 2018, Dr. Moss and Rabbi Steigmann partnered to found OrLanu, a 501(c)(3). “The world needs our light.” OrLanu has several initiatives which illuminate the Jewish journey at various points in the life cycle, but all encourage wisdom-sharing and reflection within a Jewish context.

Orlanu’s 6 Million Lights project unites all of these initiatives through light-making workshops that engage not only Jews but also extend beyond the Jewish community. In all our 6 Million Lights initiatives, participants honor their light and that of fellow participants while putting light into the world. That’s how we honor the memory of the 6 Million.

two girls holding orlanu lights